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Disability Pride: Police and Activism – Activism and Disability – Disability and Policing.

1 August 2023

This week, to round off Disability Pride Month, Difference’s Communications Coordinator talks about direct action in social justice movements, its surveillance, tightening rules around protest, and some implications for Disabled People. Community Organising In my time as a community organiser, I’ve coordinated a significant amount of direct action, most of which aimed at forcing powerful… Read more »

Beyond Lip Service: ‘Doing’ EDI by Sara Chezari

10 July 2023

At Difference, being Disabled workshop leaders, trainers and educators we can face many highs and lows. Often, our own, intersecting experiences of the very subject we are talking about, can go unseen. So, how do we, as facilitators, navigate the world of equity, diversity and inclusion training? We touched on some of the strains of… Read more »

Beyond Lip Service: ‘The Snail and the Shell’ by Bea Groves-McDaniel

10 July 2023

We are almost at the tail end of glut of training here at Difference. We have facilitated lots of learning over the past few months and have reflected on our learning because of that too. We’ve worked with local authorities, housing associations, NHS trusts, heritage sights, and cultural organisations. Most of the time, people want… Read more »

Top Text reads – “What to fight for disability rights? Join Us!" Difference NE. Main title reads "The disability housing crisis" The back ground image is an arial photograph of the Byker Wall, coloured purple

The Disability Housing Crisis

14 June 2023

The Disability Housing Crisis. For the last few decades, various decisions from government has potentially hard baked an increasingly worse disability housing crisis into England’s homes. Even without considering disability, there is a housing crisis in the UK. Landlords are putting up rents, more people cannot afford to buy house buying, and former social housing… Read more »

The Business of Interviews

12 June 2023

In this blog, our Campaigns and Training Coordinator, Bea, shares her experience of our experimentally inclusive recruitment process. Accessibility is an ongoing journey and we’re always willing to try anything new to get it right for folks. Bea is developing our Disability Inclusion at Work training, which you can find more information on here. Inclusive… Read more »

Spring 2023 Newsletter

25 May 2023

You can read our most recent newsletter here… Difference North East Hello, it’s been a wee while! Well, the warmth has returned with new life, and it feels just like that here at Difference… Go to this Sway

A Landscape for Everyone

10 March 2023

Improving the experiences of Disabled visitors to the North Pennines. Ahead of an online training event we are facilitating with tourism businesses in the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty (AONB), we chatted to Community Engagement officer, Scarlet Hall, about our hopes for the training and our experiences of visiting rural places as Disabled people…. Read more »

Recruitment is broken – accessibility is the solution.

16 February 2023

This week, we have a guest post by Azeem Ahmad, the founder of Inclusionflows.com. Azeem outlines some ways that organisations can start to move beyond just compliance with the Equality Act, and towards culture change for inclusive employment for disabled people. Recruitment is broken – Accessibility is the answer You might not think there’s anything… Read more »

Our Campaigning Plan for January 2023- June 2024

18 January 2023

We want to focus our campaigning work on 5 key priorities – campaigns where we can have an impact and in areas that are important to disabled people across our region. We want to make sure that our campaigns reflect what is most important to Disabled people in the North East.  You can fill our… Read more »