Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    • In these terms & conditions (T&Cs):
      • Difference, we and our means Difference North East, a registered charity in England & Wales with charity number 1170789 and a registered address at 49 Wantage Road, Durham, DH1 1LP.
      • GDPR means the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
      • Material means any data, images, information, text, User-Generated Content or material of any other kind published (whether by Difference North East or any third party), contained or available on the Website.
      • Terms means these T&Cs.
      • User, you and your means the individual or organisation accessing the Website.
      • User-Generated Content means any information or Material (including any content in the ‘Enabling’/’Disabling’ section of the Website) which is generated by a person or organisation other than Difference and is uploaded to the Website by us or by a third party user.
      • Website means differencenortheast.org.uk and any other website owned or run by Difference.
  2. Use of the Website
    • By using our Website, you confirm that you accept our Terms and agree to comply with them. You are also responsible for ensuring that anyone who uses our Website through your internet connection is fully aware of the Terms and that they comply with them. Please do not use our Website if you do not agree to our Terms.
    • The Website is intended for use by people in England & Wales. We do not confirm whether the Material is appropriate for use by people in any other jurisdiction.
    • We may amend, update or otherwise vary our Terms at any time.
  3. Information on the Website
    • The Material on the Website is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees that the Material is accurate, up to date or complete. We accept no liability for any errors or omissions in the Material and take no responsibility for how you use the Material.
    • We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any User-Generated Content nor for any other content or comments added to the Website by any user, organisation or other third party. Our inclusion of User-Generated Content is for information purposes only. We have taken no steps to verify the accuracy of the User-Generated Content. The experiences detailed and comments and statements made in any User-Generated Content do not represent our opinion, view or belief. We do not endorse any of the views or opinions articulated in any User-Generated Content.
    • We may, without consulting you, any contributors or any other third party, amend, update, remove or otherwise vary any Material on the Website at any time.
  4. Lawful use of the Website
    • When you use the Website (or post, comment or otherwise upload any Material to the Website), you must:
      • comply with the law and regulation of England & Wales and all other applicable law and regulation, including the copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party;
      • not post any content which is abusive, deceptive, defamatory, hateful, inaccurate, obscene, offensive, pornographic, racist, sexist, threatening, unlawful, violent, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate or illegal (including any Material that will, or is reasonably likely to, constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability);
      • not invade another’s privacy or other personal rights; and
      • not post any content in breach of any legal duty to a third party including any duty of confidentiality.
    • In addition to the above, when you post, comment or otherwise upload any Material to the Website, you:
      • acknowledge that any such content will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary;
      • grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual and royalty-free licence to use any such content on the Website;
      • agree to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any content that you post or otherwise upload to the Website is accurate (in respect of a statement of fact) and genuinely held (in respect of an opinion);
      • must not knowingly upload any content that contains viruses or other harmful computer codes or programs which are designed, or are reasonably likely, to adversely affect the operation of the Website;
      • accept full responsibility for any content you post and by using the Website you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you, us or any third party as a result of:
        • any Material you post on, or upload to, the Website; or
        • your breach of these T&Cs.
      • We may, in our sole discretion and without consulting you in advance, vary or remove from the Website any Material posted by you if it does not comply with these T&Cs.
      • We have the right to disable your Website user account and to prevent you from posting, commenting or otherwise uploading Material to the Website if, in our reasonable opinion, you have failed to comply with any of the provisions in these T&Cs.
  1. Limitation of Liability
    • To the fullest extent permitted by law Difference will not be liable for any amount or kind of loss or damage (whether based on contract, tort or otherwise) suffered by you or a third party as a result of:
      • your use of the Website;
      • your inability to use the Website;
      • any Material (including any statements made by you) posted or uploaded to the Website by you; or
      • any Material detailing your or another user’s experiences, opinions or beliefs which is posted or uploaded to the Website by you, us or any other third party.
    • Such loss or damage includes (without limitation) any loss of income, profits, goodwill, contracts and any loss or damage to your computer, software or data. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim liability for all direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, the Website.
    • The two primary reasons for collecting your personal information are:
      • to provide you with a customised experience on our Website; and
      • to enable us to contact you in relation to any User-Generated Content produced by you.
    • We collect your tracking IP address, log file information and any personal information that you provide when you join the Website as a user. Please note that we will only attempt to use IP addresses to identify a user when we consider it necessary to protect our services and other users, or when it is required by law.
    • The Website allows you to join a user so that you can post User-Generated Content. The purpose of us collecting any personal data during registration or otherwise is:
      • to allow us to identify who posts User-Generated Content on the Website;
      • to personalise the Website for you; and
      • to send you information about our work and services which may be of interest to you (and which we will only do with your prior agreement).
    • Any personal information related to you that is gathered by us is recorded and used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may keep a record of any correspondence that we have with you. We will keep it secure in accordance with the requirements under the GDPR.
    • We will not transfer any of your personal data to any third party unless we have your prior consent to do so or it is otherwise permitted under the GDPR.
  3. Third Party Websites
  • Our Website may contain links (whether in the Material uploaded by us or in any other content posted or uploaded to the Website by you) to websites that are owned and operated by third parties. We provide these links for your convenience and reference only. Difference does not own or endorse any material on such websites. You are responsible for evaluating the accuracy and completeness of any information of websites operated by third parties.
  1. Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Difference owns, or is the licensee of, the copyright in the Material. You are not allowed to use the Material in any unauthorised manner (including, without limitation, reproducing, distributing or republishing) without the prior written consent of Difference or the relevant copyright holder. You are not permitted to use any of Difference’s registered or unregistered trademarks (including, without limitation, Difference’s logo and name) without the prior written consent of Difference.
  1. IT Disclaimer
  • We accept no liability for any damage or loss suffered by you as a result of you downloading any Material from, or clicking any third party website links on, our Website.
    • These T&Cs constitute the entire agreement between you and Difference. They supersede all previous agreements, communications and proposals between you and Difference, whether written or oral and whether such agreements and communications are express or implied.
    • Failure by Difference to exercise or enforce any of its rights under these T&Cs does not constitute a waiver of any of Difference’s rights.
    • If any provision(s) of these T&Cs are held to be invalid or unenforceable, that does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.
    • These T&Cs, your use of the Website and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with the Website or these T&Cs are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising from or relating to these T&Cs or the Website will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  2. Questions & feedback
  • We welcome your feedback. If you have any comments or queries in relation to these T&Cs or the Website, please email us at hello@differencenortheast.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.