As well as our regular individual membership, we are introducing an Allies Network. This is for organisations and freelancers that want to stand in solidarity to change perceptions of disability and end discrimination against disabled people.

We want members of the network to challenge ableism and broaden representations of disability in their work.

  • The network is for people working in organisations or as freelancers, who want to support our work in ending discrimination against disabled people.
  • We will use the network to promote good practice on matters of disability, equality, and inclusion.
  • We want allies to actively collaborate and share across the network.
  • We will provide allies with opportunities to learn and develop their understanding and skills in relevant areas, like disability policy, legal development’s and examples of good practice.
  • Membership is free. We want your contributions and solidarity.
  • You can subscribe to our regular Disability Allies Newsletter.

Join our Allies Network here 


a Red block print on white background- a wheelchair user holding a placard that reads 'Allies not Excuses'

Image Credit: A.J. Withers at stillmyrevolution – Resisting disablism and building social justice


If you are already a Difference member but would like your organisation to join the Allies Network, please use the above link to register.

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