Who are Difference?

Difference was set up by a group of like-minded disabled people in the North East of England in 2017.

We felt that the North East needed a voice for disabled people, because other than local organisations, there was no strong regional representation, and we thought we needed one.

We thought we’d start our work by gathering people’s day to day experiences of being disabled because if we have lots of people’s experiences it means people will listen to us. Like everyday sexism, or racism, we need to start speaking out the everyday disablism we experience. This website is all about that, gathering evidence to affect change.

We are from the North East so we thought we better start representing our region …you have to start somewhere! But we know the issues we experience will be common to disabled people all across the UK, so please do send us your experiences (the website can geolocate your entries). It is early days and all new, so we will see where this takes us! So please don’t be put off if you live somewhere else.

Does this sound familiar …

You’re left on a train when everyone else has got off because they forgot to get a ramp out.

You can’t get a table at a restaurant because the owner thinks you’ll put the other diners off their food.

You piss your pants because there’s no accessible toilets.

You can’t go to a concert or share an experience because there’s no access or hearing provision.

You can’t get on a bus or an underground because there’s no room.

You can’t go out with your mates because you get abused by pissed people all night.

Disabled people experience these things all the time but we just live with them, like women and girls used to accept being touched up by men, like black people used to accept being called names … but not anymore. Together we can make a Difference!

These are the people behind Difference, and we couldn’t do our work without help and support from our funders.