Welcome to the World of Disability

You may have arrived here because you are curious, you consider yourself to be disabled, or may soon be as a result of a diagnosis or have a developing health problem. Whatever the reason, you’re welcome here and if this is right for you, hopefully we can help you in your journey.

What’s your story?

“The first step in fighting for disability rights is sharing your story.”

Send us your story using the form below or send it to us in any format you wish: audio, video, picture or text.


    In these pages you will read stories from different disabled people about the moment they [literally] woke up as disabled or slowly realised they were entering the world of disability, or from people who developed an awareness about their rights and how they were being discriminated against. They are all for you to read and learn and hopefully gain strength from as the battle between our ears is often the hardest.

    There are also things that you may be interested to read, like what is a disabled identity? Or what is the social or medical model? How can I get more involved in disability rights?