Housing Contains the Word Sing – Disability Housing. “Provoked to Madness by the Brutality of Wealth.”

15 August 2023

The image is a mixed media collage. On the right-hand side is a figure, in black, with white crosses for eyes. The background with red. Handwritten text reads "housing contains the word sing". The first 4 words are written in black on the red background, the word 'sing' is written on the chest of the figure in white. The dot above the letter I is a read heart, and is on the centre-right of the black figure's chest.Housing Contains the Word Sing – Interview with gobscure.

Disability Housing. “Provoked to Madness by the Brutality of Wealth.”

Over the next few months, we will be talking to Difference Northeast members and supporters to her their personal experience of housing as disabled people.

You can read more about the disability housing crisis here

The interview with gobscure also talks about the UN’s covenant of rights, particularly the idea that housing a human right – we have been profiling each article of these right of the last couple of months – a thread of these is available here

‘what dya need books for yr homeless?’

gobscure’s works are a unique response to the hostel worker who once said ‘what dya need books for yr homeless?’ to them.

Their revenge was 13 year of reading – graduating from the open university in 2016.


More Information on gobscure

Over the past few years, gobscure has made a large and acclaimed body of art, spiralling out of their lived experiences of A stylised model of a house constructed from estate agent signs. The house is surrounded by darkness but is brightly lit from inside. There is handwritten wrting on the house that raads "words are weapons. & i’m in a war. the war hasn’t stopped.", "stories punch holes in our mental walls" and "'what dya need books for yr homeless" homelessness. This includes three solo theatre shows, five films, exhibition, sound-art, publications and more. This work has been supported by (among others) MGC futures bursary; Graeae Beyond scheme; Slung Low Leeds seed fund; CPT seed commission; Museum of Homelessness associateship.

gobscure’s website with links to their different projects
Some more film projects from gobscure are viewable here!