Creative Careers: Equal access to working in the arts

22 March 2022

It was great to hear from our 3 speakers at our ‘Creative Careers’ event back in February. They generously offered real insight and hugely practical guidance on their own experiences of barriers in arts and culture, and how they have learned to navigate these in order to be able to create their art.

Their passion for disability inclusion was great to hear and I hope it will provide some encouragement to other disabled creatives battling to be seen and heard. It has definitely motivated me to think more carefully about my own access needs in future and how I will get venues and producers to respect and support these needs.- Richard Boggie

You can catch a recording of the event below.

Here is a list of some great resources related to this event, including the websites and organisations mentioned at the event:


Aidan Moseby

Leah Clements

Melanie Shee

Sick Woman Theory by Johanna Hedva

Access Docs for Artists by Leah Clements, Lizzie Rose and Alice Hattrick

Disability versus Dogs by Aidan Moesby

Windows of the Soul exhibition featuring Melanie Shee



Disability Arts Online

DASH arts

Neuk Collective- Barriers faces by Neurodivergent Artists

Disability Arts Podcast

Disability Arts Online secures British Council grant for UK / Norway international partnership project – Disability Arts Online


If you have a suggestion of a further event related to this, we would love to hear from you.


Transcript: Creative Careers