Great special assistance

23 March 2020.

I had a very early flight but the special assistance team were amazing and got us quickly and comfortably onto the plane, nothing was a problem for them

Staggered ramp

29 February 2020.

This ramp was really good, it had a flat bit in the middle which meant you could rest, and you didn’t have to build up loads of speed, just felt so far, well done Northumbria University

Helping me out

17 December 2019.

The vet came and collected my dogs from the car, gave them their booster and health check and deliver them back in my car so I didn’t need to get out. Their office is inaccessible, although they do have a ramp but it is really steep, but they got over the physical inaccessibility by being… Read more »

it’ll do …

28 July 2019.

automatic door, good; grab handle, good; step, mmm … ah it’ll do


24 July 2019.

Very accessible place, except for the rides, I saw three disabled staff, a good hiring policies?

Beach Wheelchairs Whitley Bay

24 July 2019.

Yesterday I tried the beach wheelchairs it was great fun and I enjoyed for the first time taking my own dog on the beach instead of watching her from the top. Although I did find the ramp extremely steep to get down and lack of support in the chair I still had an amazing time.

Drop kerb blocked

31 December 2018.

I am daily disabled by this car that parks across a dropped kerb. I have to wheel right to the top of the street to find another where I can cross. I have even written notes to ask politely to find another place to park, but they don’t do it.

Locked toilet

4 June 2018.

The accessible toilets are locked with a non-Radar key and you had to go to the front desk to get it. I have already been caught short because I ran out of time.

Newcastle Climbing Centre

5 May 2018.

Accessible entrance from a side door, good accessible toilets and a ramp to reception/drinks. There are a fair few disabled climbers as well.