Co-Production for Change!

9 July 2021

This blog post marks the end of National Co-Production Week. But what does co-production mean?


This week has seen so many organisations celebrate #CoProWeek.

Co-production can be a slippery term. Many people have different definitions for it.



Nothing about us without us

To us, co-production means sharing power and working equally to produce, or make something. Something that makes life better for disabled people.

Co-production starts from the idea that everyone has something to bring to the decision process. Assets such as skills, abilities and time. This stems from the Social Model of Disability which views society as the thing that disables people with impairments. Co-production focusses on what we can do, not we can’t.

Many organisations appoint disabled people to their committees, board of directors, or as trustees. This fits with their equality policy. This allows them to feel inclusive. As a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) and charity, co-production is at our very core. It is vital to us that what we do is informed by our members and disabled people across our region.

A DPO is different to other disability sector organisations because it is ‘for us, by us’. As disabled people, we are our own best spokespersons. Taking this approach is fundamental to disability rights.

We want to make transformational change happen for disabled peoples lives in the North East.

We want to work in co-production with decision makers at all levels so that our experiences are accounted for in those decisions.

So what does co-production mean to you? Click here to share your ideas with us.

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Thanks to all who collectively challenge inequality with us.