A little someones Journey

25 November 2019

A little someone’s Journey…..

A little someone’s Journey in my last blog post, I told you a little bit about the OST training course and why I can’t name my dog yet, this is still the case for another month or two. We have now been home for nearly four weeks; this has flown by!

When we first came home, we were playing and relaxing to settle back in, also gathering energy from a tiring two weeks. After the first few days, we started working on some task work basics of what had already been taught, I did this by setting aside time for the first and following week. Seeing how much a little someone loves to do task working and is so eager is amazing!

We have been rather busy learning new tasks as a little someone loves to learn so we have been working on getting help, which is nailed from any room, its great to thing in an emergency I can send my assistance dog to get help! We have been learning to take an item to another person, could be bringing me a bottle of water, or something warm. We have also been learning to put our own toys away, which has taken about a week which is really impressive even to the fact of getting off the sofa with a bone and putting it away in the toy box I was amazed! It’s also really hard for a dog who naturally wants to bring the object to you to go and put it somewhere else. We have also been learning to cover me over with the covers in bed and added in to take the covers of which is a great help.

I needed my backpack bring urgently normally this would have been stressful to go and get my stoma supplies, especially when one of the cats has caught my bag, it can make quite a mess, this is when a little someone came to the rescue, “name” bag find it is the word we use, we hadn’t practiced with me not being the same room and I tend to not leave my backpack in the same place every time within about 5 seconds I had my backpack in the bathroom with me, I am new to the stoma world so leaks can be stressful and annoying especially if it isn’t caught in time. With a little fast working waggy tail and a backpack in the mouth who couldn’t smile!

We are going to start working on getting the mail, fetching my water bottle from the bench and bringing something from the fridge. We haven’t decided on the item yet. As time goes on we will also be working on pressing road crossing buttons and letting the cats in and out by opening the door for them then closing it again, although this may be more of a spring/ summer task it is certainly too cold at the minute and we also are thinking about learning to bring the blanket to me, from another part of the room.

We love nothing more than a run in the park and playing with other dogs then when we come back, we like to settle into a winter snuggle on the sofa or bed, neither of us are picky when it comes to getting warm and having snuggles. I am so lucky to have such a faithful dog, with to eyes always on me in case I need anything she is ready to jump at second to help.

We have so far had some lovely walks and some lovely wet and muddy walks who minds that though! If anyone has found an accessible walk please leave a review www.differencenortheast.org.uk don’t just have to be in Newcastle I don’t mind a bit of travel to find somewhere nice!