A little someones Journey continues…

4 December 2019

Hello, we’re back having as much fun as ever, never been so muddy before from doggie paws or met a dog that loves jumping in puddles as much but it’s great fun and showers.


Since my last blog we are now a whole six weeks in we have been out with friends and for a family birthday meal  which was really not accessible the staff were confused when I asked where the accessible entrance was and even asked that meant, turns out there was a back entrance with only one step and a tight turn but I managed it, saves my family carting me and my chair up a flight of stairs. This is where a little someone showed off her settles skills which were great for been so young and settling down beside me whilst the children played with balloons and party poppers, she ignored everyone and settled beautifully, I couldn’t have asked for more! A little someone loves nothing more than putting her own toys away when play is finished.


We are learning to put things in the washing machine, which is going really well and also a very hard task to ask a dog to do due to their nature to retrieve things to a person, so taking away is asking a lot, lucky for my a little someone just loves to help and impress you so she is always willing to give it a good go.


In the last blog we worked on fetching the mail, which is going great and now, I can nearly have the mail brought to me in any room in the house so far we have learned the hall and living room as I live in a bungalow there isn’t many more rooms to learn, this is something I think of as a fun task because it involves racing down the hallway when we hear the letterbox and causes great excitement.


We are still learning to bring the water bottle from the bench it can be hard when you only have little legs and a little nose, but I do not doubt in time it will be nailed. I also said in my last blog we are considering getting an item from the fridge, but I am not sure how useful that would be, so we are having a little think about it, there are plenty other tasks we could try before this one which will be more useful.


We will soon be moving on to getting our gold award for this we have to do more tasks so we will be working on putting an item in to a basket by little someone and bringing the basket to me, if this goes well we will next put food in the basket and have it brought as you can imagine that is hard for a dog with a sniffy nose to do I will let you all know how that goes. We will be also looking at tasks in shops and what a little someone does, she currently passes items off shelves and does my lap to give them to me so we will see what else we can do in shops such as putting items on the till handing and handing my purse over.


I will be naming and uploading photos on the blog at the three-month mark which is only six weeks away can’t wait.


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