A little someones journey

23 December 2019

A little someone’s Journey….


Hello, we have a had a busy couple of weeks in the run-up to Christmas, we started off with a bit of a trip to Morrisons because it was quiet, we are such a new partnership I would not dream of taking a little someone to a busy environment.


We had a week off work, well I did, so we have been on lots of free runs to Newburn and had lovely walks along the field and played with toys in the park, even made friends with a Newfoundland who rescues people out of the water at only 20 months how amazing is that?!


On to task work we have got the washing machine task so that is so helpful and fun, a little someone just loves to please. We have mastered getting the mail and bringing it to me so that is always helpful as it often falls onto the floor and is a very fun task for a little someone.


A little someone impressed aftercare with great behavior off lead and always comes straight back when called, even when playing with best pal Shirley the French bulldog.


I was so proud when I was going along in my powerchair I dropped a glove I hadn’t even noticed it fall off my knee someone must have a ran back along the path and brought it to me putting it on my knee, I shall never lose a glove again.


With it being the Eve of Christmas Eve, we are getting into the Christmas spirit and looking forward to a family Christmas of fun and free runs.


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We at Difference North East hope you all have happy and healthy holidays.