What happened?


Why do we want to know these things?

Listen … My granny moved into a ground floor flat. where groups of kids often used to gather outside, shouting, teasing, sometimes throwing things at her window. She lived with this as best she could for a long time as she didn’t want to cause any trouble but it got her down and made her quite ill. One day, at her wits end, she called the police, who looked through their records and could not find one report, so when allocating weekly patrols, couldn’t justify a patrol on one call. The police say every time something happens, you must report it. If you don’t, there’s nothing anyone can do.

This is why we want to know about your experiences, so we can use them to change things. It is ammunition against the haters. The more we have, the stronger we can be, so we can show people how hard it is to live in a disabling world, how great it is when we are enabled, and that these things affect all disabled people, all the time. So please, tell us, EVERYTIME something happens. Not just the once, because it never is, so we can also show how many times it happens to every one of us.