Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Explore the UK legal position on disability discrimination and the importance of making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.



Recommendations for positive progress

As part of coherent inclusion, diversity and employee engagement strategies, employers should undertake thorough reviews of policies and working practices. Feedback from employees with disabilities and long-term conditions is useful in developing an open and inclusive workplace culture.

See recommendations for employers in this guide from the CIPD


Think inclusively when devising all people policies and procedures and aim to cater
appropriately for the needs and preferences of individuals.

Develop strategies to ensure all employees have a voice and work with employee network groups to facilitate two-way conversations about equality, diversity and inclusion in a safe space.

Line managers should be trained to manage employees effectively, and understand their legal obligations as well as their employer’s policy expectations. Disability ‘awareness’ training on its own is not enough: line managers need to know how to navigate conversations about disability and conditions with employees and understand how to arrange and implement reasonable adjustments.

The CIPD have many more links to other useful resources on their website here.