Cultural Change

We want to see cultural change for Disabled people, across the board. Facing our own biases, challenging ableist ways of doing things, and making representation of Disabled people a priority, can help us move beyond basic ‘EDI’ checklists. Some of these resources give interesting perspectives on doing just that. Becoming reflective about our own understandings of disability can aid our learning and help us do better!

Immune System Disorders in the Workplace

The National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) are a ‘super-network’ that connects disabled staff networks across the UK to share best practice. This amazing resource and presentation from NADSN takes us on a learning journey to better support people with immune disorders at work.   Links Immune System Disorders in the Workplace – Welcome… Read more »

Business Disability Forum: Recommendations for employers (Adjustments at Work)

Business Disability Forum share their recommendations for what employers can do to improve the experience of disabled employees. Their Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023 sponsored by Microlink, explores the process, experience and impact of workplace adjustments, and updates their 2019 research. Disabled employees continue to struggle at work due to both individual barriers in their job… Read more »

Neurodivergence in the Workplace

Bradburn Films and Atypical Support CIC are producing a new documentary about the barriers to employment for autistic and people. This lottery-funded project will focus on the positives of neurodivergence in the workplace. It will showcase examples of successful relationships between organisations and their neuro-diverse employees, and you can watch 2 of the promo trailers… Read more »

Creating Disability Employee Networks

The Purple Space website has lots of guidance on how to create a thriving Disability Employee Network. Links Purple Space resource library (Disability Employee Networks) ‘To help you on your voyage of discovery towards inner confidence as a network / ERG leader and supporter, we have categorised our resources into three swim lanes to make… Read more »