Digital Accessibility Training

Digital Accessibility TrainingWe believe that everyone has a right to be able to access the online world. We all rely on the internet for services, work, education and so on. 

Poorly designed websites, documents and social media create barriers for many disabled people.

We offer two workshops that can help organisations to make their digital content accessible and inclusive. 

Accessible Online Meetings and Events

This two-hour workshop will help you make your online meetings, presentations and events inclusive, accessible and enjoyable for all. 

During this practical session we will use demonstration, exercises and group work to cover: 

  • Common barriers to inclusion and participation 
  • Preparing for your event – building in accessibility from the start 
  • Online meeting platforms – some pros and cons of different systems and how to use accessibility features 
  • Take-away top tips for inclusive meetings and events 

Accessible Online Content 

This two-hour workshop will take you through some key tools and techniques for making digital content inclusive and accessible to all.  

The workshop will use practical exercises to get participants familiar with some of the key features available for improving the accessibility of documents, emails and web pages. It will cover: 

  • What is accessibility? 
  • Common barriers to digital inclusion and accessibility. 
  • Top tips on layout 
  • Making images and videos accessible 
  • Styles, fonts and headings 
  • Accessible language and literacy 

These workshops can be delivered via Zoom for up to 20 participants. For availability and prices contact Richard Boggie –

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For more information about digital inclusion, check out the Better ConNEcted campaign website