Research to Make a Difference

Research to make a Difference

3 December 2021

The world has changed for everyone, for some a lot, for others a little. Before it changed, Difference North East wanted to find out what prevented disabled folk going out and about, enjoying public space, going to the shops, or just out for the day.

We wanted to know this because we think that there are disabled people out there that rarely or never get a chance to go out. Of course, we know that many disabled people go out whenever they want to, but there are others who feel unable to do so. We wanted to know because if there was a problem we can try and help because we think that is a human right for disabled people to go out unfettered, when they want to.

Then COVID-19 happened and all of a sudden, nobody could go out! Now we are nearly at the end of all restrictions and everyone is looking to go out again. But for some people it may not be that straightforward and if my experience is shared by anyone, things seem to have got much worse. So, we want to know from others in the disabled club what stops them from going out now. We especially wanted to find out if anything made people feel trapped and if COVID-19 has made it more difficult for people to go out.

You can help us understand these barriers by completing our questionnaire online or Downloading it as a Word document here and emailing it us.

You can also send a video and or an audio recording via email, or phone Christopher to talk them through (07813 7895329).

Every completed questionnaire shall be entered into a £20 Amazon voucher draw.